view of snowdon


Why the footbridge was so important

When we moved to The Woollen Mill, the footbridge over the river was closed as it had been condemned by the council. This meant that local people who had been enjoying the walk described here for decades were forced to double back on themselves. We couldn’t explore this route either until the new bridge was constructed. It took two years but the bridge was finally built. In the weeks that followed, North Wales was battered by several terrible storms and so we didn’t manage to walk the circular route. But then the country was locked down due to COVID-19. We didn’t have any guests and we couldn’t travel anywhere, so it was the perfect time to explore the local walks.

This route takes you across the river, through fields, along lanes and along the cycle path near Penygroes before returning to the mill via Clynnog Road. There are some fabulous views of Snowdon and much more to see along the way.

Duration: 1 hour

Terrain: Fields and country lanes

lanes near The Woollen Mill

Starting Out

The route begins right next to The Woollen Mill! Walk over the bridge and past the woods to the field beyond. Turn right and cross to the end of the field where there is a kissing gate. Pass through the gate and turn left onto the lane. Follow this lane until you reach a tunnel which passes under the cycle path and the A487.

In spring and summer, the lane is lined by pretty wildflowers and there are some wonderful view of Snowdon. Livestock is generally grazing peacefully in the fields. If you are walking with our dog, keep it on a lead because there are gaps under some of the gates to the fields and it isn’t unusual to encounter sheep or lambs in the lane. There is a farmyard to the right which houses cows and the gate is often open.

Completed footbridge
View of Snowdon

Lon Eifion

Immediately after passing through the tunnel, you will see a sign to your left for Lon Eifion. This is a cycle and walking trail which extends from Bryncir to Caernarfon. It is built on a disused railway line and is pleasant place to stroll with excellent views of the mountains. Follow the path up onto Lon Eifion and then continue on the trail until you reach the point where it meets the road to Pontlyffni at the roundabout on the A487.

Turn left here, walk along the road until you reach the top of the lane leading to The Woollen Mill (blue no trucks sign). Turn into the lane and head back along the route you would have taken when you first arrived at the mill.

Returning to The Woollen Mill

All you need to do now is follow the lane back to the mill. The route is lined with flowers in the spring and summer months. From mid-July there are plenty of blackberries to pick and you never know what wildlife you might see. Look out for the buzzards soaring above you and be prepared for their sudden dives to catch prey in the fields. In summer, the short lane leading to the mill is home to dozens of goldfinches and you might catch the aroma of the honeysuckle as you stroll past.

Teddy in Clynnog Road