Llyn Dinas


Mountain lake with choice of trails

Llyn Dinas is located just 2 miles northeast of Beddgelert. This stunning lake is right next to the A498 and yet never seems to be paricularly busy. It’s a wonderful place to relax and soak in the scenery and features several lovely spots for picnics. Dogs can enjoy swimming in the lake’s shallow waters and there are a couple of small beaches close to the entrance which give them easy access to the water. The lake is managed by the National Trust who have funded a new pathway which provides a gorgeous walk around the southern shore.

If you have the time to explore and would prefer a more demanding walk, the trail to Cwm Bychan begins close to the aforementioned beaches. This is a relatively steep walk but it’s not overly long and so is a good option if you have half a day to hike in the mountains.

On calm, sunny days, Llyn Dinas transforms into a huge mirror, reflecting the surrounding peaks. Sometimes it seems impossibly beautiful and it is incredible how the colours of the mountains change as the sun moves across the sky. Don’t miss this pretty spot as you travel around North Wales.


Llyn Dinas from Cwn Bychan
Llyn Dinas


There’s no doubt that LLyn Dinas is doggy heaven! Our dogs love swimming in the lake and the path around the southern shore is free of grazing livestock. Active dogs will also enjoy the hike to Cwm Bychan but there can be livestock on this trail. The National trust have provided waste bins for poo bags but apart from that, this is a great place for dogs with plenty of variety.


From the Woollen Mill, Drive to Penygroes and then turn right at the COOP store. Turn right at the next T Junction and then right again at the next T Junction. Follow this road past Nantlle and up into the mountains. You will eventually arrive at the Village of Rhyd DDu where you should turn right towards Beddgelert. When you arrive in Beddgelert, drive straight on and not over the stone bridge. After passing the Sygun Copper mine, drive for roughly one mile and look out for the parking areas on the side of the road just as the lake comes into view.