A Stunning Mountain Lake

It doesn’t seem to matter how hard I try, I just can’t capture the beauty of Llyn Cwellyn in a photograph! With Snowdon providing a dramatic backdrop and the crystal clear water, this gorgeous lake can only be fully appreciated when you are standing on it’s banks, drinking in the view. Happily, it’s only 20 minutes or so from the Woollen Mill and the drive is spectacular!

There’s a National Trust car park to the north of the lake from where a footpath and boardwalk lead to the shore. You will pass picnic tables and benches along the way if you fancy a snack and you can step down off the boardwalk for a paddle. The water is pleasantly warm in the summer and hard to resist!

If you feel like taking a longer hike, the Ranger  Path to the summit of Snowdon begins across the road from the car park.  This is a relatively challenging hike but it is worth taking the time to walk a little way up for some great views of the lake, even if you don’t feel able to reach the summit. You might be lucky enough to see the steam train passing by as you climb and the lower portion of the route is relatively easy going.

Llyn Cwellyn should not be missed and is one of those wonderful places that changes with the seasons and yet always remains captivating.



If your dogs appreciate a paddle or a swim, they will love Llyn Cwellyn! Take the boardwalk to the shore and you will see that there are couple of places where you can access the water with the dog.  Your pooch can paddle while you soak in the views or enjoy a picnic and if you have taken the Ranger Path to the summit of Snowdon, this is the perfect place for your dog to cool off at the end of the day!


From the Woollen Mill, drive to Plenygroes and turn right in front of the Co-Op. Turn right again at the T Junction and then right again at the next T junction. Follow this road past Nantlle and up into the mountains. You will eventually arrive at the small village of Rhydd Ddu where you should turn left at the T Junction. The lake is just roughly two miles from the village. The car park is on the left opposite the station.